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We all hear about the impact connection and meaning have in the workplace, but unlike many platforms out there, Envested actually helps you achieve that

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Help your employees build organic relationships

The data on the importance of social connection in the workplace is clear. You know it, we know it and your employees darn sure know it. A Gallup study even shows that people with a friend at work are 7x more likely to fully engage with their work, thereby increasing productivity a ton! But most workplaces still have yet to incorporate solutions that foster strong workplace relationships. 

Our software allows employees to self-organize around fun activities or causes important to them.


Enjoy a significantly reduced administrative burden of arranging volunteer events

One thing we know for sure is that employees care about their community, specifically causes that are important to them. The only real hurdle to empowering these events consistently for your employees is the administrative burden of planning, scheduling, arranging, responding, planning, arranging, responding, troubleshooting, and troubleshooting some more (shall we go on?) 

Our software enables a unique combination of strategy setting and grassroots employee empowerment that connects employees with causes that matter most to them – all while tracking and measuring to the company’s overall goals as well.


Get psyched over the analytics you need to understand your employees and their impact

Ever get frustrated when launching initiatives and feel restricted to the most bootleg way of measuring adoption, engagement and effectiveness? In our past lives, we have too! 😩 

Our administrative portal delivers real-time, fLeXibLe, analytics that give the good data (the real, real good).…when you want it and how you want it.


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